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Darley Apparatus Worldwide Deliveries

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Richland Township - Beaverdam, Ohio


Richland Township - Beaverdam, Ohio

Darley Fire Apparatus has delivered to Richland Township Fire Department a Spartan Big Easy, "The FireTruck" Model.  The heart of the truck is a Darley LDMBC Pump with Compressed Air Foam System, all co-poly body and tank with a lifetime warranty. Apparatus is supplied with rear rescue hose reels for tools.





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Vanlue, Ohio FD

Chief Bill Drown and the members of the Vanlue Ohio community Fire Department have taken delivery of thier new Darley Compressed Air Foam Pumper. The Chassis features Spartan Motors "Big Easy" model with six interior seats & 10 inch raised roof. The Darley apparatus features a 1500 GPM Darley champion pump with a standard lifetime warranty. The pump features Compressed air foam available on up to five lines with foam capabilities.

The body is a one piece complete poly tank and body. This not only gives you the lifetime tank warranty but also a lifetime body warranty free of rust, corrosion ect.

For more information on Darley Fire Apparatus: http://www.darley.com

For mor information on compressed air foam: http://www.cafsinfo.com

Madison Township FD-Kunkle, Ohio

Chief Rod Baker and the members of the Madison Twp - Kunkle Ohio Fd have placed into service thier new Darley Fire apparatus.

The truck features Spartan motors " Big Easy"  chassis. A Darley Champion pump is the heart of the apparatus. The pump come standard with a lifetime warranty. It also powers a compressed air foam system.

The body is a one piece complete all poly constructed unit. The body comes standard with a lifetime body warranty.

For more apparatus information: www.darley.com

For compressed air foam information: www.cafsinfo.com


Helena Ohio

Helena Community Fire department has recieved thier new Darley Compressed Air Foam, All poly body Pumper.

Thier apparatus features Internationl chassis, Darley LDMBC series pump with a standard lifetime warranty , and an extra large rear body for maximum space, built from poly giving the body a lifetime warranty.

For more info on Darley apparatus: www.darley.com

For more Compressed air foam info: www.cafsinfo.com

For mor Poly body information: www.propolyamerica.com


Rawson Ohio FD

Chief David Swisher and the members of the Rawson-Union Township FD took delivery of thier new Darley Quick-Attack rescue unit. the truck features Darleys all co-poly body with a lifetime warranty, front spray bar and transverse compartment for extra storage, a portable pump with a blizzard wizard around the pump foam system.


Allen Twp / Van Buren-Hancock Co. 1999 Ford Tanker


Chief Gary Hickman and the member of the Allen Twp FD have taken delivery of thier Darley apparatus, a 2000 Gallon wet side all poly body/tank with a standard lifetime body warranty. Portable Darley pump with quick disconnects, triple electric dump system, 10 inch newton activated at valve and in cab, Four large storage compartments with roll up doors, Three direct rear fills, one  5-inch stortz, two- 2 1/2, Large upper deck hose bed.

For more Darley apparatus information:www.darley.com

For more All Poly body information:www.propolyamerica.com

Liberty Township FD-Findlay, Ohio

Liberty Twp. & Chief Joe Adams took delivery of thier new unit with emphsis on replacing a 1975 tanker, maximum water on a single axle, ability of unit to pump water for ISO ratings, have hose bed storage area, and have maximum compartments.

2003 Peterbuilt - 2250 gallon wetside poly tank & body, 1500 PSF Darley front mount pump with four 2 1/2 outlets at front & two 2 1/2 rear discharges with reducers for 1 3/4 hose. Three stainless steel new maddic dumps electric over air with internal & external switch activation. Two rear direct fills, one 2 1/2 inch, one 5 inch stortz. Four large compartments with roll up doors giving maximum storage, four scba storage compartments, Large upper deck hose bed, whelen lighting package.




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